Working With You

Kostkas team work with you in ways that suit your changing needs.

How we work with you is as important as what we do for you. Kostkas does not have a one model fits all approach when it comes to working with our clients. Kostkas understands that different clients have different needs and preferences and we want to be able to cater for these differences.

Kostkas interact with you in ways that suit you and your situation today: Face to Face, Phone, Email and Cloud Accounting.

Kostkas will work with you in a way that most suits your needs & skills. More technology or less technology? What is right for you?

Kostkas understand that sometimes a quick phone call can replace an endless chain of emails.

We are a traditional professional services firm which means we sell time and knowledge. We analyse your work to ensure it is completed by suitably trained staff at the most economical charge out fee.

As a Registered Tax Agent and CPA firm Kostkas is required to complete a written engagement letter before we can provide client services. The engagement letter sets out mutual obligations; outlines the scope of works or services to be provided and how our fees will be determined.

Click here to download Kostkas Sample Letter of Engagement.