Public Area

The Public section of Kostkas website provides a sample of who we are; what we do and how we operate. We are currently developing an extensive resource area that will only be accessible via a client log in.


1Is Kostkas the right fit ?
Deciding on an Accountant is like buying a pair of shoes. Much will depend on your purpose. If you don’t want to be changing Accountant regularly then a comfortable fit; durability and practicality will be more important than appearance. We want Kostkas to be your favourite shoes. The best way to find out if Kostkas is the right fit for you is to try us. Consider what our existing clients say.
2What will Kostkas need to get the work done?
Depending on your circumstances we have a series of checklists that prompt you to consider what information we might require to complete your work. We also like to see clients with a written list of questions or discussion points to ensure you get maximum benefit.
3How are fees determined?
Fundamentally we sell knowledge as units of time. Basic Rule of Thumb: The longer we need to spend sorting, summarizing etc your work AND the higher the knowledge & skills required to complete your work the more you can expect to be charged. That said we realise it is completely normal for clients to want an estimate or quote and we are happy to do this. To provide an estimate or quote we do need to understand the services required and have access to your record keeping systems.
4If I live overseas or interstate can a Darwin firm of Accountants really help me?
Yes we can. Some of our clients have lived abroad or interstate for decades. Admittedly they were all once Territorians. What’s really exciting is how modern technology is enhancing our ability to complete assignments and communicate with clients thousands of kilometers away.
5How do we become a client of Kostkas?
We like to have either an initial phone or face to face interview to discuss the services you are looking for and to get a feel about you as a client. Making sure we can meet your expectations with a quality service is very important.
6What if we have questions about becoming a client at Kostkas?
Just ask. While we prefer questions in writing we can also phone you to discuss. Try to avoid the endless emails back and forth.