While we may think the passwords we use are bullet proof, this is a foolish idea.

Having a low strength password or using the same password for multiple logins is the equivalent of leaving your front door unlocked  or the keys to your house on your doormat.
What makes a strong password?
  • Length – the longer a password is the more combinations that would need to be tested by a hacker. A thirteen character password would normally take longer to crack than a five character password.
  • Combinations – This is where the strength of a password can really be maximised. A strong password will have a combination of letters (capitals and lower case), numbers and symbols.
You should always avoid using things that can easily be linked to you. For example name, D.O.B, type of car you drive etc.
We all know it’s difficult to remember 20 different passwords to 20 different websites. Either invest in a safe storage for passwords or make sure your most sensitive websites such as internet banking have a password that is used nowhere else.