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  • Marlee Ranacher
    A spread sheet of numbers ,that rise and fall according to designated formulas, appear to be just a factual account of monetary flow. However, each dollar of past, present or future is the storey of a business, of people and their lives.. The inter-connectiveness is clear and for me personally, success is finding the balance. The people I have worked with at Kostkas over the past 20 years are rare individuals who understand this. The highly professional team have consistently guided my business to find both success and balance. Kostkas has my highest recommendation.
    Marlee Ranacher
    Bullo River Pty Ltd
  • John  Bursa
    Kostka’s has been a part of my professional/business life since 1990. In this time I’ve had a number of complicated tax related issues and structuring of assets etc. Kostka was always there to help resolve my issues, often at short notice. Advice from David over the years has been invaluable and likewise the service from Michele and team have been prompt and efficient. Thanks Guys.
    John Bursa
  • Kevin & Gail South
    We have been with Kostkas for many years and , in addition to their professionalism with our accounts, we have found both their industry specific professional and on-point local knowledge to be very valuable when making commercial decisions.
    Kevin & Gail South
  • Franz Ranacher
    We have been with Kostkas with our company for over 15 years and found the service very efficient and to the point. we found when quoted on a job or advise Kostkas has always delivered in a timely and professional manner what i found outstanding within quoted price or better.When we needed expert advise Kostkas has access to specialists which are the best in their field. Overall premium service at a realistic price. Kostkas has always come up with a solution I would recommend them without hesitation
    Franz Ranacher
  • Lynny
    When we transitioned our business from one company to another, the advice and support we received from Kostkas was invaluable. The team at Kostkas combine friendliness with professional service and always answer our questions promptly. It's a great comfort knowing they 'have our back'.
  • Alex Howard
    Kostkas can update all the ASIC details for you which is a relief as government don't make it easy. Kostkas take a personal interest in how a business is going and provide some timely useful advice.
    Alex Howard

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